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Did you know a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance? Like this tub of lawn ornaments, my house is a bit disheveled since we’ve started doing demo on it. We still haven’t settled on a plan, but we’re close. My brain is full of kitchen cabinets measured in 3 inch increments. But it will be worth all the plaster dust and chaos in the end. #FMS_pink #fmspad #littlemomentsapp


  • 16w ago grateful4grace grateful4grace

    What a perfect name for a group of flamingos! Thanks for the vocab lesson! A kitchen redo Is always hard and always worth it! Have fun designing! 💕💕🤗😘

  • 16w ago tomwindeknecht tomwindeknecht

    You'll get there. And when it's all done, you can enjoy it! 😊👍🏻

  • 16w ago in_somnia_ in_somnia_

    Super nice!! 💘

  • 16w ago liviamurta liviamurta

    I didn’t know! Sending you patience to handle this brief moment of chaos

  • 16w ago suertj suertj

    No I didn’t know that. ☺️ Good luck with renovations!

  • 16w ago kimkautzer kimkautzer

    Love it! My favorite used to be a murder of crows, but a flamboyance of flamingos might have flown into first place! Adorable shot, too! 💖

  • 16w ago craftplanter craftplanter

    I did not know that but now I do!! 😆 best wishes with the renovation - it’ll be worth it!

  • 16w ago kimkautzer kimkautzer

    @kimkautzer And yes, that kitchen reno, with all its headaches, will absolutely be worth it in the end! #askmehowiknow

  • 16w ago minispics minispics


  • 16w ago urbanpixter urbanpixter

    L❣ve it!!

  • 16w ago aleks.san.dra aleks.san.dra


  • 16w ago gerberagirl308 gerberagirl308

    @jagatha13 😘

  • 16w ago jillemeyer2796 jillemeyer2796

    I learned a new fact and word about flamingos!!! Good luck on your demo project!💞

  • 16w ago ginandthomic ginandthomic


  • 16w ago jolecoucou jolecoucou


  • 16w ago shelley_dube shelley_dube

    I did not know this fact. Thanks. . 💕 ps. Having just finished a small reno it is a pain but worth it as you say.

  • 16w ago manoushkone manoushkone

    Just love this pink flamboyance 💕💕💕💕

  • 16w ago lpinkus lpinkus

    I did not know this Chris! What a lovely grouping of them here 💞💞

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @lpinkus Thanks Lulu! 💘

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @shelley_dube Thanks Shelley! That’s good to hear! 😍

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @craftplanter Thanks Hanni! I hope so! ❤️

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @kimkautzer Thanks Kim! Last time we did our kitchen was 1995 and we were much younger then! Lol. I hope we survive! 😂💕

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @suertj Thanks a lot Sue! We’ll need it! 🙈💕

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @liviamurta Thanks tons Livia! We’ll definitely need it 🙈💘

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @tomwindeknecht Thanks Tom! I hope we survive! 😂🙈💘

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @grateful4grace Many thanks Denise! 😍

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @susancombest Thanks for the encouraging words Susan! 😍

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @philippacooke Many thanks Philippa! We’re not as young as used to be, I hope we survive! Lol 😂

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @luisa_berger Thanks Luisa! Happy almost Friday! 💕

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @bea_t_e Thanks so much dear and happy Friday! 😍

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @ridetoparis We Learn something new every day the saying goes. 😍💕

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @ycroff Thanks Yolan! And I love yours! 😍

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @jokalinow Hi Jo! Happy Friday! 😍

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @gerberagirl308 I did not know that!! Those names are so perfectly apt. Happy Friday Leanne! 😍

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @photocat_andrea Many kind thanks Andrea! 😍

  • 16w ago beeinthebucket beeinthebucket

    Best of luck with your kitchen redo, Christine! We just went through that! Lots of take-out food and disposable dishes! It’s a pain, but I’m sure yours will be fabulous. Hope you’ll show pictures! ps. Love the flamingos. ☺️

  • 16w ago gerberagirl308 gerberagirl308

    @12cmk happy Friday to you lovely! 😘

  • 16w ago 12cmk 12cmk

    @beeinthebucket Thanks Cindy! I’ve got a big supply of paper plates and plastic forks so I’m prepared! Lol. Maybe I’ll post some pics in my stories. Stay cool my friend! 😰

  • 15w ago floral_passion floral_passion

    How exciting for you. We are also going renovations but nothing inside the house. Love the flamboyant Caroline. 💕💕💕

  • 15w ago natalie_santafe natalie_santafe

    This is incredible 💕💕


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