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23 June 2018

When I saw this picture (taken from eiga_natalie) makes me feeling proud about you.

You sacrifice your teenage day and high schooler to realise your childhood dream.
After a 1 year 3 months worked hard, now I want to say you are THE BEST ULTRAMAN ACTOR EVER despite your youngest age but you holding this position so good and more better than anyone else.

Your tears is a tears of proud, joy and thankful for your commitment in Ultraman Geed.

To Mr. Tatsuomi Hamada aka Riku Asakura, Thank you for your work hard and unstoppable commitment to this series.

Your journey must continue as an actor and the same time as Ultra hero to all.

I hope I want to meet you personally when you visit Malaysia.

May your life blessed always. "Once as Ultraman, will always and forever as Ultraman"

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