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I just need one more box I promise 🤪 #haltech #z32 #300zx #guageart #canhub #mycarissmarterthanyours


  • 21w ago shane.noss shane.noss

    Does the wood cover still fit?

  • 21w ago jondavid32 jondavid32

    @shane.noss of course!

  • 21w ago cmcdaniel77 cmcdaniel77

    Do u ran a can gauge with the gauge art adaptor or to like a touch screen radio?

  • 21w ago jondavid32 jondavid32

    @cmcdaniel77 I have a 7” monitor where a double din would go that displays my gauge art all the time. My stereo is Bluetooth only no radio or head unit etc

  • 21w ago th3guyinblu3 th3guyinblu3

    Looks familiar

  • 20w ago cmcdaniel77 cmcdaniel77

    @jondavid32 thats pretty badass. Thats my goal but its a lot of money just to get it in one display when you can basically have the same information in gauges. Looks wayy cleaner tho

  • 20w ago jondavid32 jondavid32

    @cmcdaniel77 yes but when you have haltech monitoring all the sensors engine protection is priceless. Half the time I leave the screen off and just focus on the race

  • 20w ago cmcdaniel77 cmcdaniel77

    @jondavid32 yes im definitely going with haltech for sure but i mean its a lot of extra money just for reference to when u can just use gauges and also like you said you normally focus on driving anyhow

  • 20w ago jondavid32 jondavid32

    @cmcdaniel77 right but with having haltech monitor your gauges it will catch an issue before your eyes can. Say if there’s a fuel pressure drop in the middle of a race, it will shut my car down to a limp mode where as if it wasn’t monitored I could have a lean condition and damage something.

  • 20w ago cmcdaniel77 cmcdaniel77

    @jondavid32 yea i know what ur saying and thats why i really like the haltech setup and im going to go with that. Im just saying i would use the monitor for reference for testing and stuff. Not like i would rely on it or anything

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