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I'm my way to Dresden to play a show. listening to one of my most inspiring albums growing up .. everyday after school this album was blaring! #aerosmith @aerosmith #rocks released May 3 1976? #slash @slash


  • 21w ago _justkaren_ _justkaren_

    One of my favs!!!

  • 21w ago kennydubman kennydubman

    Incredible record. Great production and amazing songs. Their pinnacle as far as I’m concerned.

  • 21w ago pauliedileo pauliedileo

    @kennydubman I think this was recorded at the record plant and produced by Jack Douglas? Yeah definitely one of the best records of all time

  • 21w ago jaide_alicia jaide_alicia

    Back in the Saddle!

  • 21w ago leonardo.adames leonardo.adames

    Great album!! I was just listening to it a couple of days ago!! @pauliedileo

  • 21w ago zbird37 zbird37

    Luv this Fav Aerosmith album!

  • 21w ago zbird37 zbird37

    Hard core all Rock at its best!

  • 21w ago b_hall33 b_hall33

    I've got this one in my vinyl collection Paulie. Awesome album

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