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🏋️‍♀️How long should your workout actually last? Watch the video to find out .
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  • 3w ago joycee_babe joycee_babe

    Lol i used to spend an hour at the gym but most of the time spent checking my phone/uploading pics on social media. My thumbs def got a good workout scrolling through my IG feed 😅😅😅

  • 3w ago sam_xceedfit sam_xceedfit

    @joycee_babe 😂😂🙈🙈

  • 3w ago mustardfitness mustardfitness

    Keep it up, as always!

  • 3w ago life_of_sassyandmocha life_of_sassyandmocha

    How many reps for weight training to blast fat 🔥🍑 😆 @sam_xceedfit

  • 3w ago girishetty_annu girishetty_annu

    Overall how many sets shall we do (all the exercises)

  • 3w ago sam_xceedfit sam_xceedfit

    @girishetty_annu depends on your program. Totally general question

  • 3w ago sam_xceedfit sam_xceedfit

    @willdrake why does my bench press and deadlift numbers relate to my credibility lol I’m a coach who helps people lose body fat not a powerlifter! 😂

  • 3w ago sam_xceedfit sam_xceedfit

    @willdrake cos it’s my profession and one that I take pride in improving my knowledge and learning in but most importantly, I’ve seen what works for clients and myself so it’s first hand experience. You don’t have to test me though, totally up to you

  • 3w ago theshivamnagpal theshivamnagpal

    Much needed post 📱

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