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#tbt a quick photo op w/ some Maasai women while @mattziniel & I were filming a celebration at a village in Maasiland, Tanzania for Jim Shockey’s Uncharted back in the fall of 2014. I’ll always remember sitting around a campfire one night & listening to Jim tell us that, wether we realized it or not, we were potentially producing the best series of television shows ever made on hunting & conservation in Africa during that 7 week trip...and after seeing the finished episodes I believe he was right, still to this day they’re as good or better than anything I’ve ever seen. Although some of the things I’ve seen during my time in the hunting industry have left a bad taste in my mouth & made me question what the hell I’m doing with my life, there’s no doubt that getting into this line of work has taken me on a wild & crazy ride to places I never imagined I’d make it to...we’ll just have to wait & see where I end up next. Photo cred: @jimshockeyofficial #tanzania #maasailand #uncharted #adventure #whatgetsyououtdoors

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