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The cat’s out of the bag: @limecrimemakeup has officially joined the Tengram family! 😺🎉🎈 I am open to speak with established (and well-intentioned) publications about why, after almost 10 years of building the brand, I’ve decided to sell the company, my vision for the future and, most importantly, what’s next! 🌟 Never-before-seen photos & exclusive insights can be provided. For interview requests: doe{at}

Scroll right: Lime Crime through the years. How we went from a small makeup upstart in an attic to a successful industry trendsetter with worldwide distribution.


  • 13w ago confessionsofaglitterholic confessionsofaglitterholic

    @glamourpuss15 my niece seen it and told me about it. That pic is from the first Phamexpo 😁

  • 13w ago confessionsofaglitterholic confessionsofaglitterholic

    @glamourpuss15 thank you for tagging me though 😁

  • 13w ago suafadamadrinhaa suafadamadrinhaa

    I hope it will be the same because it’s a wonderful brand. 💕

  • 13w ago veganmakeupshare veganmakeupshare

    @doedeere Hey grrrl! You probably don’t remember me at all. I was that lil vegan grrrrl always emailing you for vegan-Friendly Products. I’ve meet you at several events around LA. We have tons of old pictures together as well.I definitely know you’ve been Cruelty-Free since I started purchasing from you. Can I please email you to the email you provided because I have more questions. You know me just trying to make sure all the correct information is out there. Thank you for your time! Congratulations again!

  • 13w ago 2basic4yu 2basic4yu

    @hileaha aren’t they going to ulta now?

  • 13w ago leon2125 leon2125

    I love all about lime crime 😍😍😍😍🦄🦄always supporting 🦄🦄

  • 13w ago amaltheani amaltheani

    That is too bad.

  • 13w ago nandamiura nandamiura

    @doedeere I'll always be cheering for you! I will never forget the opportunity you and the limecrime team gave me. Thank so much my Queen 💋💋💋

  • 13w ago valencia_sg18 valencia_sg18

    I hope Lime Crime stays Vegan/cruelty free because not only is this brand great quality but it also lets one less animal get abused.

  • 13w ago robynritz robynritz


  • 13w ago kharri3t kharri3t

    @doedeere oh thank god! I’m running out of teddy bear!!! 🐻😁

  • 13w ago lachoupissone lachoupissone

    @ravishingcreature pareille pour moi! J'espère juste qu'ils vont rester aussi colorés et originaux!

  • 13w ago thejanismara thejanismara

    @doedeere always! Much love. 💕

  • 13w ago kahliimah kahliimah

    Does this parent company test on animals?

  • 13w ago sn0wtea sn0wtea

    I still have my first OG Lime Crime unicorn lipstick in poison berry, and remember how excited I was when I received it in the mail, along with Coquette. And I’m still just as in love with my Venus palette as I was when I got it. Looking forward to see what path you take next! 💖

  • 13w ago carleybubbles carleybubbles

    @rhi_diculous oh my gosh! But what does this mean for limecrime!?

  • 13w ago diademjewels diademjewels

    I really hope your formulas don't change, been following you since lj days on littlebiggirls before the shrinkle drama. I wish you the best and hope the brand stays true to your original vision. 💕

  • 13w ago eggieyeen eggieyeen


  • 13w ago geeidunno geeidunno

    Anybody know what those little "poppers" in Doe's story were?? I'm so intrigued 🤔😯

  • 13w ago valiyumprincess valiyumprincess

    Did you find out what those little poppers were?? They are spinning me out 😂❤️

  • 13w ago marievonfriedrich marievonfriedrich

    А вы будете продолжать участвовать в разработке новой косметики?

  • 12w ago althea112572 althea112572

    I 💝LIME CRIME, Im hoping beyond hope they stay the course with formulas, style etc... 🤞🏻Im sad but looking forward to your next project.

  • 12w ago irinayoutubechannel irinayoutubechannel


  • 12w ago theoliverscollection theoliverscollection


  • 12w ago laurasiegel_nyc laurasiegel_nyc

    So exciting! Congrats! We'd love to plan a fun event together with @UniversalStandard to celebrate!

  • 12w ago necromancycosmetica necromancycosmetica

    Always a huge inspiration 🖤🔥 keep on killin’ it in whatever you do!

  • 11w ago n_atas_ n_atas_

    Bring back unicorn lipstick

  • 11w ago n_atas_ n_atas_


  • 11w ago kaynicolecosmetics kaynicolecosmetics

  • 11w ago annarose1684 annarose1684

    Wait, the brand isn’t yours anymore and you left and it’s all over, or that company simply bought your company like for instance bath & body works owns white barn candles? What’s gonna happen to limecrime?

  • 9w ago doedeere doedeere

    @geeidunno Look up Mexican jumping beans!

  • 7w ago melaniemartinezmemories melaniemartinezmemories

    @worshiptribute Shut the fuck up. People like you like to be hateful for no reason.

  • 7w ago worshiptribute worshiptribute

    @melaniemartinezmemories Nah, I definitely have a reason. Are you aware of the controversy with Doe Deere?

  • 7w ago worshiptribute worshiptribute

    @melaniemartinezmemories actually, you know what, if you still are a fan of a sexual abuser like Melanie Martinez then obviously Doe Deere's shady past won't change your opinion. LOL. You're hopeless. Cya!!!

  • 7w ago melaniemartinezmemories melaniemartinezmemories

    @worshiptribute Yeah I've been aware of it since it happened. Sad that you can't let shit go. Company's fuck up, shit happens. Sad that you still dwell on it. Maybe, get a life?

  • 7w ago marii_sunsett marii_sunsett


  • 6w ago blair_torrey blair_torrey

    @doedeere been here since 2012 !! Since my very first purchased of nail polish; pallete d’ Antoinette & the initial release of “ Babette” unicorn lippie ! LOVE this brand & everything it stands for & all the transformation! Always be you & unique!! All the best luck with your new ventures && family my dear 🙌💕😻🌈💜💜💜💜

  • 4w ago joyvilla joyvilla


  • 3w ago mariebayarea mariebayarea

    Congratulations Doe! 💗💞💕


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