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Getting into welding and/or painting is proving to be a bit of a struggle, but I am filled with determination! Eventually someone will give me a chance or I’ll just get the equipment and do it by my own damn self sheesh 👹🤘 #gottakeeponkeepingon


  • 4w ago poppa_hops_beer_reviews poppa_hops_beer_reviews

    Mo the welder? I like! Bryan is a certified welder, I bet he would teach you and let you use his.

  • 4w ago araceae_ araceae_

    @poppa_hops_beer_reviews get him to apprentice me lmaooo! I got mom talking to Rosie down at the shipyard for me ain’t nobody wanna teach anyone around here, nor are there any schools 👎👎👎 can’t get any experience if nobody is willing to teach lol!!! worst comes to worst I can do it myself as usual 😂👹👌

  • 4w ago poppa_hops_beer_reviews poppa_hops_beer_reviews

    I could teach you, I’m not certified but I learned welding at gerdau

  • 4w ago greensibling greensibling


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