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There are days, weeks, when it feels like 'nothing' is happening on the creative front- 'only' wife-ing, mommy-ing, household-managing. Friends who are professional filmmakers or performance artists fill their days with their work. I fill my days with work but it isn't, directly, art. Meanwhile, I pow-wow with hubby about privacy and art, happen to walk into the main art plastics company, locally, to ask what is possible and get a quote, then happen to spy a stack of huge acrylic boxes when escorting kiddo to pick up her clay camp work. I sleuth the owners of the boxes and leave a message about potentially borrowing or renting the largest one. These are amongst the #undercurrents of my days. #artistlife #mommyartist #ordinariness


  • 21w ago craftandquail craftandquail

    What are the cool-looking things in the first photo? Also, kiddo’s clay stuff is awesome!! 😱

  • 21w ago divineeye divineeye

    @craftandquail our oops attempt at bath bombs last night! Too much liquid I think- citric acid and baking soda reacted

  • 21w ago divineeye divineeye

    @divineeye Oh- and yes!, her clay stuff was so delightful❣️

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