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I’ve never been able to simply articulate how we live. It’s a real mouthful to explain that you live mostly plastic free, without advertising or branding, producing low waste, without harsh chemicals, in a frugal way, using Marie Kondo and minimalist influences, making sure our purchases are as ethical as possible, doing all we can to increase our independence through gardening and DIY, whilst trying to reduce our footprint, avoiding busy and aiming for slow. What the hell is all that?! Well, today I discovered there’s actually a name for this lifestyle, decor style and home: “simple” the simple home is an actual thing. I’ve been using this tag for a while feeling that it fit but not actually knowing what that was. I love that I can say “we live simply” and it accurately sums it up 🍃. What ever you call it loving how you live is a wonderful feeling.•

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  • 21w ago houseofhauswirth houseofhauswirth

    I wouldn’t say we are simple, but we are certainly simpler :)

  • 21w ago a.state.of.less a.state.of.less

    @houseofhauswirth Everyone’s goals and journey is very different 😍 simple living isn’t for everyone and there are so many varieties of it out there! Your just finding the version that works for you guys ☺️

  • 21w ago lindt4646 lindt4646

    I’ve had the same runaround glass water bottle I’ve drank out of for 5 years now.. I would love to use glass cleaning bottles.. look lovely but am clumsy and terrified of them slipping and breaking ..

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