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Murder Research (1977) @paulwongprojects #photography #art #murder #blood #snow This work is the inspiration for Camera Obscura (hungry ghost) 5 shows June 20-23 @queerarts Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts)

Co-produced with the frank theatre company
The world premiere of Lesley Ewen’s new Play

A love story. A ghost story. A ritual for release.
A Vancouver artist attends the opening night of his career retrospective. Unbeknownst to gallery-goers, his past has returned to haunt him.  What if what we thought we knew about our lives proved to be less than true? And how can we know the truth if the one creating it keeps it in camera, hidden?
Two beautifully young men, off in radically different directions, become entwined with the untimely death of a stranger, which seals their fate; Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts) is an exciting new contemporary play inspired by Governor General Award winning, multimedia artist, Paul Wong*. His life and radical work provide a jumping off point for playwright and director Lesley Ewen to contemplate the act of creation as both a way of coping with despair and of telling lies. Mixing truth and fiction she spins out a world of multiple realities that re-views a double tragedy in the hope of absolution and understanding.
Actors Jeff Ho, Julien Galipeau and Braiden Houle bring the story to life with passion, intelligence and a brash sense of humour. The renowned design team, Sammy Chien, Khan Lee, Stefan Smulovitz, James Proudfoot and Hannah Case, have created an elegantly rich, multidimensional environment within which to tell this heartfelt, funny and deeply intense tale of Love and Redemption.


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