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Remember when your president called us animals and you were all defending him saying it wasn’t about us? Can you explain this? Because these CHILDREN are literally in cages.... like animals. So...?


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    In this country children get taken from there parents when their parents break the law, even when they are citizens.... we can all just open our doors to these kids and help them, like we do for the foster or adoption kids

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    @juliyahou oh my Juli, hahahaha! How confused you are. 😂😂😂 I didn't need to assume your status at all, as your status as an immigrant or citizen has literally nothing to do with this. It has to do with being a morally sound person. And if you want to talk about assuming things and people's hypocrisy, I only need to remind you of your very first comment directed at me, where you assumed I was not as vocal about this issue 3 years ago as I am now, and that I haven't done anything to improve the situation. You started with the personal attacks and assumptions, not me. But something tells me my dear, sweet, ignorant Juli, that you'll somehow try to wiggle out of responsibility for this one too, as all conservatives do. And your privilege comes into play when you believe that coming here legally somehow makes you better than those who have not. Not all legal immigrants are good people, as you've so exquisitely displayed. And not all those that cross the border illegally are criminals and rapists, as the current administration likes to say. And news flash, entering the country seeking asylum is not illegal. Save your wishes for yourself and use them to rid yourself of your ignorance.

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    Terrible!! Triste!!

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    @bmic83 😂😂😂 and bingo! Keep digging yourself deeper - it's all in writing- read my first comment directed at you - do you see a question mark? I guess you mis-read? It was an honest question, the same as second and third QUESTION. You just couldn't handle to just answer those 🤷‍♀️. Your assumption:"quite clear you've never had a problem with it" even if it was not a question- i clarified for you that I personally went through the process. Did you ever ask me anything about my experience? Nah, you know just jumped into Personal attack: "she doesn't have a heart" ; "ignorant as you are". And you continue Personal attack : "ignorant Juli", Assumption: "you believe that coming here legally somehow make you better" and here is more personal attack:"not all legal immigrants are good people, as you so exquisitely displayed". Again, you do not know anything about me, but you didn't even bother asking a single question, yet - you call me heartless, ignorant and "not good" people and tell me what i think? Contemplate your very own comments, re-read the conversation - you may learn something. Oh and news flash for you: seeking asylum is NOT illegal, entering US without proper legal documents is ILLEGAL. Absolutely, you can ask for asylum after you enter US illegally, but it's up to Immigration judge to decide eligibility. I do have friends who went through that process too. I agree with you 100% that a lot of people who seek asylum are great people, however there are many who are criminals to begin with, that's why we do need to enforce the immigration law so those who REALLY need the asylum - get it with no delays. There is a legal process anybody can go through. People who seek asylum are prioritized. I wish you the best anyway. 🙏🙏🙏

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    @juliyahou Bingo? Is this a game to you. Lol, I'm not surprised. Of course you think such a topic is a game. Let's go back to you orginal comment and dig a little more into the hole YOU are in, shall we? In fact let's go back before that to my original comment. My original comment was fact based and directed at the original poster to indicate that they were factually wrong in what they were saying. Then along comes Juli adding her two cents. Before your question mark that you're clinging to, you preceded it with an emoji. An emoji that can be taken only one of two ways, neither of which work in your favor. You could take the emoji to mean "I don't know" or take it to mean "I don't care." Again, neither play well for you in this discussion. If you were indicating that you don't know, well then THAT is your bingo. You're actually right about something Juli. You don't know what my stance on the topic was back in 2015. Regardless of whether it was the same or not, it has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with what I stated in my original post. You see Juli, you pulled what's called a "whataboutism." A whataboutism is when someone has no fact based evidence to prove the poster before them wrong, so they find any and every way possible to discredit the previous poster's fact based post. Instead of trying to prove me wrong, you decided to try and attempt to discredit my character by bringing into question whether I had the same position there years ago. Spoiler alert, I did! So again, as i said in a previous comment, you started the name calling and ignorant assumptions of me first. Now you're trying to play the victim card and say all of your questions were honestly questions. They were not. You told me to reread my comments. I did you one better. I reread all of them, including yours. And I did learn something. That you weren't paying attention to the conversation the entire time. The OP made a statement. I posted a comment correcting their comment with facts. And you jump in with an irrelevant question about my previous viewpoints on the topic at hand.

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    @juliyahou Even if I did have a differing viewpoint on this situation three years ago, and again, I didn't, it has nothing to do with today and what is happening to these families now. If you meant the emoji to mean you don't care and you don't have a problem with what is happening to these families, then fine. Say it. And we can talk about that. But don't join a conversation changing the subject when you couldn't refute what was said and then try discredit me and try play victim by saying your questions were meant in good faith. Bullshit. Aaaaaand if you really had a problem with name calling and all around rude comments, you wouldn't have started with your crystal ball comment. And again, keep your wishes to yourself. I want none from someone such as yourself.

  • 30w ago massipaz massipaz

    Ok pregúntale a Obama estas fotos son de su presidencia

  • 30w ago silvrfoxcatcher silvrfoxcatcher

    Good for you. Famous ethnic people need to speak up! These people are crazy!!!

  • 29w ago alejandrojayy alejandrojayy

    I’m not defending what’s going on... children are being held in a similar way and I’m totally against it and heartbroken by it.... but some of these photos weren’t during Trump. Research before you post photos claiming it to be from now.

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    @amyelizabeth81 you are right... they are in a shelter type building, but that location specifically is a location that has a fence (cage) around them. One photo is from the Obama era and another is from a past protest.... He needs to research before he posts.

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    Where are the people who voted for this?

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    Fuck Trump!!!!

  • 29w ago hurricanerob78 hurricanerob78

    I applaud you for bringing attention to this tradgedy. At the root, this administration disguises their hatred of minorities including Latinos and people of color through their policies and support of Neo-nazis and White nationalists. This is just another example yet everyone willing to turn a blind eye so long as they get something politically. Where did my Republican party go? Both parties are guilty of playing politics however this administration has pivoted away from the traditional game and is only focused on cruelty and human rights abuses to fire up their base. We must unite both parties and speak out. I'm for secure borders but this is evil I know that God does not support child abuse.

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    @marlonius1 That is a well-informed, well-thought out observation. Can I interest you in some ocean front property in Arizona?

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    Break the law with your kids you must not care whay happens to them what kind of shit parents do this to their kids then blame others

  • 29w ago livinglife19762 livinglife19762

    You people are so stupid go break the law with your kids in America and guess what they will take your kids grow tf up

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    This is fake

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    This is fucking stupid

  • 29w ago elenamurillo3103 elenamurillo3103

    No body should be like this

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    @krod305 Yes, I am Cuban I came to this country through “cayotes” because we had no other option. My 27 year old single mother decided to leave with her 12 year old daughter and myself at 1 1/2 years old because I had severe asthma and the only medicine in Cuba was “strictly for foreigners.” Imagine if my sister and I would have been taken away when she arrived to this country. The simple fact is that families are being separated. Children are being forcibly taken away from their parents and people like you are still defending these actions. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If you don’t like my opinions or my posts, get off my page. Hitting unfollow is very very simple.

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    This photo is from 2014.

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    @krod305 you’re full of s!;:@“ thinking how smart you think you are, but fortunately there are good people in this world. And bad people exist and do bad things because good people don’t do nothing.

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    Stop acting like this is Trump's fault. This has been going on for awhile. Actually, under Obama's presidency. Also, I believe he called MS-13 members animals. Get off liberal media. Expand your horizons. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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    @thoughtfulstonerrr good job you figured it out. Yes Fox News happens to be the only REAL news outlet

  • 29w ago kevinjames_3 kevinjames_3

    @thoughtfulstonerrr but that wasn’t what I was talking about I was just talking about how trump called ms13 members

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    @kevinjames_3 go home Kevin

  • 29w ago kevinjames_3 kevinjames_3

    @thoughtfulstonerrr I’m at home and why don’t you get out of here you low life pot head

  • 29w ago thoughtfulstonr thoughtfulstonr

    @kevinjames_3 don’t talk to me, I don’t like people who ancestors are Nazis. goodbye weirdo lol

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    Thank you for speaking up! ❤️

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    This!! Proud of you for speaking out.

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    @danelljleyva Are those images from 2014 too? Trump Rock Star, King and The best President of the United States 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👑

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    I see you are still ignorant of the facts. It's a shame when someone can't think for themselves and research the facts. Obama did this!

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    @danelljleyva stand your truth and explain to haters that using children and families traumatized is okay and it makes us all look better. As immigrants I feel you and remember that they were immigrants sometime before and forgot that. Love ❤️ and peace ✌️

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    @krod305 right! I agree with you but I think your wasting your time with this guy. He sees himself in these children and that makes him too emotional to deal with this issue. He didn't even have the will to check out these photos to see if they were legit. I find it easier to just go around these types of people. Keep on fighting though!💪

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    Animals in cage don't deserve it too. No conscious and sensitive life deserve this hell. #Antispeciesism #AntiAnthropocentrism

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