Instagram post by @juttamaue Jutta Maue Kay🦋


  • 22w ago diannesneal diannesneal

    Sad, yet sweet🐘🐘💕

  • 22w ago mixedberrymom mixedberrymom

    So sweet Such compassionate beings ♥️

  • 22w ago simbaccathedoodle simbaccathedoodle

    Reminiscent of what we are seeing in the migrant child detention centers. Only consolation they can receive is from each other since the counselor s are not allowed to touch them.

  • 22w ago juttamaue juttamaue

    @simbaccathedoodle Right. All they have is each other

  • 22w ago sigikolbeyoga sigikolbeyoga

    So terribly sad

  • 22w ago karen_laurence_rowe_art karen_laurence_rowe_art

    The older ones are so amazing with the younger ones - it’s so heartwarming if desperately sad to see.

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