Instagram post by @snakefam Sharon George

Loving this weather


  • 8w ago barnes.heather barnes.heather

    No AC at Hot hot office all day Air air conditioner broke down at home. Tried to go outside to cool off a bit as house is unbearable and got bitten up by bugs, can’t win. I’m NOT enjoying this weather!

  • 8w ago lonbarb lonbarb

    @barnes.heather come visit your niece in Penticton because she has AC! I will pick u up tomorrow at the Penticton airport.

  • 8w ago charmers.smith charmers.smith

    @lonbarb can I come too? Same office with no AC and dads house a Friggin oven!!!!

  • 8w ago lonbarb lonbarb

    @charmers.smith You betcha!!

  • 8w ago barnes.heather barnes.heather

    Let’s all go to Barb’s! Not often that we want to go to okanagan to cool off lol

  • 8w ago barnes.heather barnes.heather

    Oh sorry for rant Sharon lol your patio looks great


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