Instagram post by @johodson Jo Hodson | Coach

I am just about to hold the second call for my new ‘Visibility’ package. I can't wait for more!⠀

As I reflected after the first one a few days ago, it reminded me of one of the things my mentors often tell me, and that is by not showing up to the world in my most powerful way I am denying my potential clients from working with me because they cannot see me, they cannot find me. ⠀

That's a really powerful re-frame for me...⠀

Who are you denying from experiencing your gifts? ⠀

Think about that for a moment. ⠀

If you are curious, I'd love to explore this further with you, and I know that through these conversations not only do I help others, but I also help myself. That's the true beauty of the process.⠀


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