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An amazing bread made by my favorite local boulanger. It is a pain au levain (sourdough bread), made with an old type of wheat called petit épeautre de Haute Provence, grown by a farm a bit to the north of us. It has hazelnuts in it and is covered with sesame seeds. It tastes amazing on its own, or with cheese. The flavor is even better the next day or the day. The baker calls it «l'écureuil», the Squirrel. 😄 Apparently the flour is only available in small quantities, and the bread takes a lot of time, so he only bakes it once a week.
It’s so good to have my tastebuds back again. I eat each half-slice cautiously though, gauging how much my system can stand before it rebels.
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  • 14w ago emmajeandenee emmajeandenee

    Yay for your tastebuds. Wishing you strength x

  • 13w ago kittiesofdarkness kittiesofdarkness

    That bread sounds delicious. Sending healthy thoughts your way. 🥖🧀🍞🌰


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