Instagram post by @veekose Adam Cleveland

I had to put the cone of shame back on Percival. He's had an issue with obsessively licking his feet for a little while now. The vet has tried various treatments for infections and allergies with no results. We're moving to behavioral medicine next.
I just want the poor baby to stop hurting. :( Here's a cute video of him being pathetic...and sitting his ass on my face. -_-

#Percival #ButtFace #ytho #Biscuits #PoorThing #ConeOfShame


  • 21w ago audreyhawkeye audreyhawkeye

    You don’t think he’s allergic to his cat litter do you?

  • 21w ago veekose veekose

    @audreyhawkeye He'd been using it for 4 years without any issues. We tried putting him on antihistamines and he kept licking. Also, if it was an allergic reaction, there would be physical signs of it. :/

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