Instagram post by @thecheekynest Amanda Swann

I have been on the fence about posting this for a while, but since today is Father's Day, it seemed appropriate. This is not a glamorous instagram worthy shot , but this is my hubby @cheekydaddy and this is who he is to a T. The selfless, unconditional loving, caring father, who while in the hospital recently with some scary health issues, was more worried about his kids. He wanted to make sure his kids weren't scared or worried about their dad, so he made them laugh. This is why we love him. Happy Fathers Day sweetie. Thank you for being our rock even when life had kicked you down. We love you more than we can even begin to say.
One day maybe I'll tell the whole story, but this is also the reason for our recent change to a gluten free, dairy free, anti-inflammatory diet. Sometimes doctors and medicine can only do so much. 😕


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