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Years ago I found this pic of my father on my mom’s tablet & saved it for obvious reasons. Lol. My dad had to take very high doses of prednisone for many years to avoid rejection of his transplanted lung. He has since tapered down and lost this weight. Prednisone is a life-saving medication with every side effect imaginable - including weight gain. It is just one of handfuls worth of medications my Dad takes every day because of the single lung transplant that saved his life. #HFD to this guy who survived #IdiopathicPulmonaryFibrosis aka ‘IPF’


  • 17w ago gen_eliz gen_eliz

    This pic is awesome

  • 17w ago gen_eliz gen_eliz

    Anytime I have to squint my eyes to see I think of him

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  • 17w ago linecooksbrain linecooksbrain

    @genevieveforrest right?!! He would hate that i posted it tho lmao

  • 17w ago buff1954 buff1954

    @linecooksbrain I just showed him and he loves it

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  • 14w ago patientmpower patientmpower

    What a beautiful photo and post. We offer a free app for pulmonary fibrosis patients, including those post transplant. It’s an excellent tool to track and monitor the condition as well as share data collected between Dr visits with the medical team. Available for iPhone and android.


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