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Link in bio! @crowdrise @refugees @neilhimself #refugees. #fathersday #neilcake The funds raised are distributed by UNHCR to refugees in the areas of highest need internationally. I didn’t earmark them for any one place, using the rationale that some causes get a ton of media attention but there are others that need funds too. ❤️


  • 22w ago andro_owl7 andro_owl7

    Thank you for caring about these children and their families. I just went to my first rally ever today in Portland, OR. It gave me hope that there are more like-minded Americans than I imagined that care and think this is absolutely inhumane.

  • 22w ago sarajbenincasa sarajbenincasa

    @andro_owl7 thank you for going out and showing you care! We are all short on time and it’s so cool of you to do this. The funds we’ve raised will be distributed to area of greatest need by @refugees internationally but I think it’s vital as Americans we show we care about kids and families abroad and here at home. Thank you for doing the work.

  • 22w ago andro_owl7 andro_owl7

    @sarajbenincasa Thank you. I appreciate your kind words 😊

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