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  • 13w ago d.e.l.e.t.e.d.ac103 d.e.l.e.t.e.d.ac103

    Disagree. Natsu x Lucy for life!

  • 13w ago yurine_turmaki yurine_turmaki

    Totally agree. I like Luc x Natsu but also do like Loke x Luc

  • 13w ago its_sting_eucliffe its_sting_eucliffe

    I love Nalu. But for the first 50 or Something episodes, I shipped Lolu. It was like a forbidden love, a celestial and a wizard. I just love it. But I grew to like Nalu.

  • 13w ago fairytail_girls_love_life fairytail_girls_love_life

    SAAAAME like Nalu is otp but... loke n Lucy have chemistry man she was abt to die for him

  • 13w ago theofficial_zoro theofficial_zoro

    Still disagree ;-; I stopped ships in fairy tail

  • 12w ago gray_fullbuster4 gray_fullbuster4

    Agree no Nalu!!!!!!!


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