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With all of the craziness this week I forgot to post about Evie’s preschool graduation. Even though she has one more year of preschool she won’t be attending the same school. We are super sad to say goodbye to Ms. Whitney. @thebusybeepreschool. Whitney has been such a blessing to both Evie and myself. She was so kind and loving to my sometimes shy but amazingly loving child. Evie was absolutely crazy about her and would be so excited to tell her about her weekend. Evie grew and blossomed so much this year, and even picked up a best friend along the way. @heather_m_payne Thank you Ms. Whitney and we wish you luck in the adventures that await you. You’re going to be the best mom!!! #preschoolgraduation #preschoolteacher #welovemswhitney #eviegrace13 #babygirl #onemoreyeartogo #tallgirlproblems #fouryearold #bestfriendsforever


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