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To all the dads out there working hard to keep their families safe and sound, we appreciate you today and everyday. Happy Father's Day!


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    The dads just want Homekit

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    @obie.khan Our priority is to ensure our neighbors have the best experience with our products - sometimes this can shift when features will be available. We're eager to bring HomeKit compatibility, and other exciting integrations, and will share more information as it becomes available!

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    @ring it’s been two years. I bought based on homekit compatibility. You should at a minimum allow beta testing to users. It’s pretty unfair as to how Ring has dealt with this. There has been no appreciation nor remedy with regards to this issue. It’s pretty disrespectful in terms of behaviour from a vendor

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    cool demo but says absolutely nothing about monthly monitoring fees. I just looked at every page on the website (at least I'm fairly certain) and found no details.

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    @hgpilot You can find more information about our monitoring plans on our website at Let us know if you have any other questions, as we're always happy to help.

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    @ring Holy cow - those prices are significantly less than what I'm paying now - sign me up!! And I thought I had a good deal with my current provider...

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    bay look @prolly_outwest

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    @jlow004 I told my mom about this a WHILE ago. Look how cool this security system is

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