Instagram post by @isaiahluck Isaiah Luck

My mind is clouded & shrouded
By the softest dreams,
Lifted high upon cloud 9
Romanticizing my life’s possibilities.
Open the door to reality
I’m just trying to walk on my path And finally say that I’m proud of me,
Balancing the combo of prideful bravado & sincere humility
Drift me to a space with the sweet touch of tranquility
The light in the dark where only the blessed can see,
Blessed me–aligned to the most high embracing divine harmony;
Take all of it and make it a part of me
In my heart of hearts, synced up to my main artery.
Holy smite all my enemies
They’re thunderstruck ain’t no one charging me,
Because blessed me
I’m gonna be the next to see my ambitions come true!
Ain’t no one stopping me
I’ll do it even if it takes all of me
But pardon me, I’ll remind y’all mother f**kers ain’t no one stomping me—I’m indomitable!
#Jiren #Poetry #Power #Resolute #DBZ #DBS #Universe11 —————
Short Series: #OlympuisIsCalling


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