Instagram post by @caublestonecutlery Daniel Cauble

Polishing and honing on jnats (Japanese Natural Stones). The mud generated scratches the soft iron differently than the hard steel edge. This reflects the light differently and you see the detail and character of the iron in one direction, and a reflective hazy appearance in the other direction. This is a japanese straight razor, a Kamisori, or rather the edge of one, right before i test it out on my face. I realize i really need to work on this on a 1k to reset the bevel and re-polish however.

Any time you are sharpening a single bevel blade, you are also polishing. When dealing with laminates it is aesthetically pleasing to bring out the character of the materials used.

Pre-finisher with a lvl4.5 Wakasa, and then a really hard asagi using Nakayama Kiita tomo nagura. Rather quickly. Im testing out stones i owned but could never fully use until this razor came into my possession.




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