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Once again, most of yall did not understand the message I was trying to give out last night. In no way I meant to say that Kawhi should be traded and that I dont want him. I just stated the fact that it was wrong from us Spurs fans to cry for Kawhi due to the reports about him wanting a trade. If he wants to leave then let him leave, dont cry for him and dont start does hashtags like #2tay and shit like that😂, Spurs over him all day. But if he decides to stay, We will welcome him with open arms. Hope I clarified what I meant to say yesterday lol. -
#KawhiLeonard #GoSpursGo #RaceForSeis


  • 8w ago davishardwick davishardwick

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  • 8w ago halfwitboy halfwitboy

    He and his camp have escalated the situation to this level and it won’t be repaired because they didn’t want it to be. Kawhi didn’t want to meet with Pop and sort things out because he’s guilty. He knows that the marketability and endorsements are why he really wants to leave, a legacy and retired jersey along with multiple rings and a city that loves him wasn’t enough. Oh, and 219 million dollars. It’s a shame because from what I’ve heard things we actually really getting better and this news was dropped. I’m suspicious and I think it came out from a source that wants him to leave. I think Kawhi was considering meeting with Gregg, this didn’t come from him although somebody with knowledge about what he might do if the situation wasn’t solved probably put it out to compel his departure.

  • 8w ago dwizz0071981 dwizz0071981

    I been sayin this about that ungrateful dude. Him and his stupid uncle. O well

  • 8w ago trey_treuer trey_treuer

    The meeting is still happening

  • 8w ago babyjoe9 babyjoe9

    You dont have to explain anything to these idiots. They get triggered with any news on him. He doesn't owe us anything. He gave us a Chip. #gospursgo

  • 8w ago lowrider13k lowrider13k

    If kawhi leave im gonna eat bleach ice cream

  • 8w ago kovudildy kovudildy

    Much as I want Kawhi to stay, it wouldn’t matter once a spur always a spur

  • 8w ago jerry_young_lor jerry_young_lor

    Spurs made him...thought he's gonna be the real one too like all those before him...

  • 8w ago 56_a 56_a

    If he wanted to leave after playing at least half of the season, i would be sad. But he spent some time and New York and some time in LA while he was recovering from his injury. And these teams are the ones he wants to go to or whatever. Lol Thank your for your time Kawhi its okay to leave.

  • 8w ago 1calero9 1calero9

    He is a authentic idol in San Antonio, I'm from Spain and spurs are my favourite team, I think that Kawhi should do the best for he, I always aplaude he by his all years in San Antonio

  • 8w ago cov.gio.trichet cov.gio.trichet

    Been a spurs fan forever and tbh I'm not sad at this. That uncle if his is bhind all of this. Kawhi values family alot and LA is way nicer than San Antonio but kawhi to me was so great bcuz of pop and the Spurs system that let him be him. He has no personality and that won't sell that well in LA where the want a dramatic outspoken star guy. Also he let his uncle create a blimish on the Spurs name so I don't see them granting his wish to go to la. If I'm Spurs I trade him to the Knicks for porzingis or a lower market in the east.

  • 8w ago willcash21 willcash21

    The Spurs are on a downward spiral

  • 8w ago rodboyd069 rodboyd069

    You talking about a team that's made the playoff 21 years straight 5 rings. Been competitive for over 2 decades. If he doesn't want to be a big piece of the legacy and bring a few more ring to the spurs, then let him go

  • 8w ago natethompson82 natethompson82

    @sasnationn - appreciate your fan page. Always great content . Quick question- you were so sure KL was staying to the point you downplayed anyone questioning it, even Tony Parker. Did anything change that you know of, or we just were all speculating ?

  • 8w ago idrippy_ idrippy_

    Buh yet he got y’all a ring 😂think y’all forgot about it buh no matter what y’all still gonna be go weather you trade him or keep him bc you could get a lot for him Buh he got y’all ring so keep that in mind

  • 8w ago quay80 quay80

    We mad him when he was scoring 12 points a game nobody was checking for him let him go spurs all day


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