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Gooooooodd mooiorning ☀️💐


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    Goood morning dude 💓💓💗💕💞💞

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    Alright I know you don’t know Me but here’s a little rant, I’m walking away from and moving from a place I’ve built a home for after being separated from my parents , recently living with Aunt and uncle and then getting kicked out and staying with a friend now , getting hung up on a guy who ruined my self worth , not finishing this year of school well , and having a lot of self confliction these past few months . It’s been a rough patch . and now it’s 5am , had a huge breakdown last night and today I’m moving out to go live with my bio dad , it’s gonna be huge , and I’ll get to transition myself and start over and have a fresh start and finish high school . It just seems terrifying because it’s like a new milestone but you know . I’ll try and make it a good day (:

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    Good morning

  • 17w ago siahsmomz siahsmomz

    Good morning

  • 17w ago love.nancyb love.nancyb

    @fumantblond everything is going to be fine. Just remember things are always working out for you. This is just a blessing in disguise.

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    Good Morning ❤

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    Thanks babe❤️❤️❤️

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