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According to Shams, Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio after weeks of reports that he wanted to sign an extension. I dont know what to believe anymore🤦‍♂️ THOUGHTS❔
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  • 25w ago cj__riley_ cj__riley_

    Fuck it trade for Andre Ingram

  • 25w ago kaycharmed kaycharmed

    I dont know what to believe anymore re Kawhi.

  • 25w ago 6randenn 6randenn

    @milan_45mb you just say Winslow can develop into Kawhi??

  • 25w ago victoristhegoat victoristhegoat

    @king.david_99 then he will just go to LA when his contract is up and the Spurs get nothing for him lol

  • 25w ago milan_45mb milan_45mb

    @6randenn yes, he is DPOY candidate, shot 40% from 3 and improved drastically in the playoffs. He is only 21 and on a rookie contract. YES if you compare Kawhi and him at the same age of course I think he can develop into Kawhi. I just dont want him in LA or Boston!

  • 25w ago caleb_.messer caleb_.messer

    @milan_45mb are u high that's a horrible trade you dumb asf they are all trash

  • 25w ago danielpenrod11 danielpenrod11

    Get him away from his uncle! That greedy man is in his ear trying to pull the strings for his own benefit.

  • 25w ago julian.lah julian.lah

    Trade for Kuzma

  • 25w ago julian.lah julian.lah

    High chance Bron already contacted Kawhi n PG to go Lakers n form big 3. If is true, hope u guys fail. #SAS

  • 25w ago colespicou76 colespicou76

    If he wants to go he can go just tired of hearing about it

  • 25w ago tp9post tp9post

    What are these “League Sources”?

  • 25w ago gailyoung3783 gailyoung3783

    Will believe it when I hear it from Spurs org.

  • 25w ago dxnntra dxnntra

    Holding my tongue until the ACTUAL ORGANIZATION Says so

  • 25w ago nbatalktradesrumours nbatalktradesrumours

    If you want to stay up to date with the latest NBA news: follow us!!

  • 25w ago headiondo headiondo

    Let’s trade him to Cali but not lakers, kings for Fox and #2 pick!! This is the Spurs way of saying FU

  • 25w ago

    He won't leave #spurs

  • 25w ago theonenonly06 theonenonly06

    Always knew he wanted out, his injury that kept him out the whole season was fake, and this confirms this. Not only that it shows he was a fake all along, he just showed his true colors.

  • 25w ago natethompson82 natethompson82

    He quit on his team. He’s lucky he’s not in Indiana as the 7th man like he would of been had the Spurs’ not traded for him and made him who he is today.

  • 25w ago natethompson82 natethompson82

    Take Kuzma( spelling) , Ingram and a first rounder .

  • 25w ago jc2live jc2live

    @tyler.flynn81 you might as well stop being in denial

  • 25w ago lowrider13k lowrider13k

    We are fucked

  • 25w ago demarley88 demarley88


  • 25w ago javiersafdie javiersafdie

    @milan_45mb don't be ridiculous

  • 25w ago nick.1007 nick.1007

    Just give us the 1 pick

  • 25w ago maramalae maramalae

    Honestly I'm not believing any of these reporters anymore . Until Kawhi says something officially with his own words. All you reporters suck

  • 25w ago _evanjd_ _evanjd_

    Why take anyone's word for anything at this point? And why does it SEEM like Kawhi is being targeted. Cause he's good? I'll believe it when it all happens...

  • 25w ago verrakocha verrakocha

    All bullshit I need to see it to believe it

  • 25w ago yankees_.suck._ yankees_.suck._

    @domepatrol41 no it's not

  • 25w ago muff_11 muff_11

    @natethompson82 o well fuck yall he finna go get another ring

  • 25w ago seayja seayja

    Why don't his agent make a statement (either way) since he's too chicken shit to say anything for him self! I am sooooo done with this entire media headline shit show. Sorry to cuss, but as a long time Sprus fan I'm over it.

  • 25w ago shibuyaninja shibuyaninja

    Fake news.

  • 25w ago israelwayneclips israelwayneclips


  • 25w ago natethompson82 natethompson82

    @muff_11 -lol with who

  • 25w ago chopper77 chopper77

    I told people to get rid of that pussy a long time ago.

  • 25w ago aythegoat_ aythegoat_

    @milan_45mb lol soon lebron left yall franchise just killed itself🔫

  • 25w ago milan_45mb milan_45mb

    @aythegoat_ hahaha you mean we were almost in the Finals with the lineup of Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh and Whiteside all in their prime years and I do mean even Wade because he averaged 25 in 2016 playoffs

  • 25w ago aythegoat_ aythegoat_

    @milan_45mb were not talking about 2016 im talking about 2018 and of course youre going to almost make it to the finals look how weak the east is. Dwade is not even close to his prime🤣🤣🤣 have you ever even watched him before this season

  • 25w ago milan_45mb milan_45mb

    @aythegoat_ omg you are so dumb

  • 25w ago familyoverall210 familyoverall210

    Yahoo listening to ESPN lmao

  • 25w ago caydengarza21 caydengarza21

    Thats not what kawhi wants it what his uncle wants

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