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“The Frightened Rabbit community and the power of #scotthutchison in a nutshell—

I was working my normal shift at our teeny microbrewery here in semi-nowhere Missouri and this guy and his buddy come in and sit at the bar. The guy on the right asks me to pull up my sleeve. I oblige and he goes, “No fucking way.” Now, no one has asked me about my new tattoo that didn’t know me personally since I got it. This guy, though, tells me that he *just* left the tattoo shop after getting his double cross anchor. He has to pull off his wrapping to show me, it’s that new.

Kolby’s not even from Lee’s Summit. I have never seen him in my life. He’s from Colorado and his buddy is a tattoo guy. He literally JUST GOT his FR tattoo and happened to come into my brewery. This moment, this interaction, shows me the magic of Scott and Frightened Rabbit and I immediately burst into tears. This is so beautiful and I could not be happier and more proud to say that FR has always been and always will be my favorite band.” - Claire & Kolby, Fringe Beerworks.
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  • 6w ago carolinarussoart carolinarussoart

    Omg this is a awesome story what great moment! I am Sure Scott was smiling! 😍

  • 4w ago barryfallsjr barryfallsjr

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. It’s so incredible how one band can be so meaningful to so many people ❤️


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