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"Fuck the grief, I’m leaving
Will you leave with me?"
Because Pedestrian Verse is my absolute favourite FR album and Scott himself ranked it as his favourite too, here is "Pedestrian Verse track by track with Scott Hutchison"

Acts of Man

I always saw Acts of Man and State Hospital as a pair. Having written State Hospital I felt like I needed a counterpoint which turned its gaze on the male of the species. Maybe the two songs even intertwine. Perhaps the plumber had bits of vomit on his shoe when he took her home, maybe he lied and said he loved her. In any case, I didn't want to complete or conclude either of the songs in a traditional 'story' sense. They are each a surface peek into a million different stories, happening now, somewhere across the globe.
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  • 9w ago munn.lee munn.lee

    ♥️♥️ We will miss you Scott.

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    ♥️♥️ love this

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    My favorite is Painting of a Panic Attack but I love all FR and Owl John music ☺️❤️ Listened to FR today at work

  • 9w ago lori_paulson lori_paulson

    I love the way he delivers those lines. It gets me every single time.

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    Just listened to this album last night wondering about that plumber. It’s one of favorite Frabbits album too. ❤️🧡💚💙


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