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Need help?! Wanna get my back balcony up to scratch. But on a lemonade budget 😭!! Any ideas?
Any pots, plants etc wanna donate to me 🤗? Any know where to get some deals on garden items?
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  • 28w ago sineadyjohnston91 sineadyjohnston91

    Dealz do have a brill garden range x

  • 28w ago kellbellsadventure kellbellsadventure

    @sineadyjohnston91 thanks girl must go look

  • 28w ago style_me_h style_me_h

    I got a plant pot in sainsburys for £1! It was only black but with plants in it would look cool - I use it as an ice bucket for my wine in the garden!😂😉

  • 28w ago style_me_h style_me_h

    Plus always check out the sale plants in homebase - they may not be at their best but you can deconstruct them if a big display or just keep the ok ones - i got some hanging baskets for half price and just split them up into little pots x

  • 28w ago kellbellsadventure kellbellsadventure

    @style_me_h no Sainsbury’s in Ireland am afraid but thanks for the tips. Will try Homebase

  • 28w ago style_me_h style_me_h

    @kellbellsadventure 👍

  • 28w ago green_in_berlin green_in_berlin

    You can recycle old containers (from for example olive oil or juice) to grow plants in. There’s also plant-swappings arranged in a lot of places. An other way to get plants is to ask your friends for cuttings. Happy gardening💚

  • 28w ago kellbellsadventure kellbellsadventure

    @green_in_berlin thanks for the info will have to look into it

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