Instagram post by @melissa_marie_jones Melissa Marie

When times feel as if they will never get better, you will never get back up, you will never get over something...just have to believe that Gods plans are bigger than ours. He has it all already planned. Before we were ever on the earth. I have to trust and believe that always. God is bigger than what we are facing, what we’re going through and what we know. I know, I’m there. But i must trust that his plan is beyond my wildest dreams. #inmyfeels #gottakeeponkeepingon #hisplan #histime #iwilltrusthim #keepholdingon #youareworthit


  • 19w ago tim.ervin tim.ervin

    I wish he would cut me a few weeks slack though ... he got a lil too much faith in me sometimes

  • 19w ago melissa_marie_jones melissa_marie_jones

    @tim.ervin i feel ya. Often wonder how strong he thinks i am.

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