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That's the Magic Number
Yes it is
It's the magic number
Somewhere in this hip-hop soul community
Was born 3 Mase, Dove and me
And that's the magic number.. "The Magic Number by De La Soul" ↔️Swipe↔️
Tonight Tipple is 42|03 ➖DDH Pale Ale Number Three🔻5.8%🔻500ml🔻By @brewbynumbers.. Bought at @premierstorefarsley. Flavour Profile🔻Aromatic🔻Dry🔻Bitter🔻Creamy🔻Hoppy🔻Juicy🔻Smooth.. Rate🔻⚂◽ ⚄ Zero out of ⚄ on #untappd.. Pour🔻Craaazy Cloudy Golden With A Small Head.. Medium🔻Bodied.. Soft & Foamy🔻 Carbonation. Taste 🗒: Stonefruit🔻Apricot🔻Peach🔻Mango🔻Grass🔻Nectarine🔻Pine Needle🔻Pineapple🔻
Overall🔻Juuuuicy fruuit Smoothie.. Well rounded and Eaaasy Drinkable.. But I still prefer previous two in this DDH Pale Series by BBNO..

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