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  • 19w ago christabbeauty christabbeauty

    bon voyage

  • 19w ago iamterrymichuki iamterrymichuki

    Enjoy hon😘😘

  • 19w ago soullpainting soullpainting

    Have fun Hun ❤️

  • 19w ago mbithey mbithey

    how do you always look this good?

  • 19w ago madeinmanhattanxo madeinmanhattanxo

    Have fun 😘

  • 19w ago singh_harpreet8585 singh_harpreet8585

    Very nice

  • 19w ago psycoboi08 psycoboi08

    Bon voyage beautiful, safe journey

  • 19w ago villlamayor4life villlamayor4life

    Always on the go!

  • 19w ago mishkimish mishkimish

    Have a safe trip! ❤️❤️

  • 19w ago nishanthtnisha nishanthtnisha


  • 19w ago ann13summerfun ann13summerfun

    Wow... Nice ensemble! You really are classy.💜

  • 19w ago daniiovine daniiovine


  • 19w ago pallavidalla pallavidalla

    Where are you going😊??

  • 19w ago barahona189 barahona189

    Lucky girl!..

  • 19w ago summerbarnindia summerbarnindia

    Thanx so much for liking our designs really appreciate it 😊

  • 19w ago fai_alkhalifa17 fai_alkhalifa17

    Have a safe trip enjoy my dear 😘😘❤️❤️

  • 19w ago sangitadeb74 sangitadeb74

    Sonal is ur life is all about luxury shopping and vacation...what is beyond that do make a video on that very much interested to know.

  • 19w ago bilmah123 bilmah123

    Love your colorful outfit!👍😘

  • 19w ago sidhu__family sidhu__family

    Have a nice trip @theofficialsonalmaherali

  • 19w ago theofficialsonalmaherali theofficialsonalmaherali

    My page and my channel is all about luxury mainly but my life is much much more than that, as a mum, a wife and daughter.’I play many roles which is not easy to put up in one video ☺️

  • 19w ago tara_kamiya tara_kamiya

    Love that bag. Pisces love their accessories!! Yaas Sonal.

  • 19w ago swarooppatel swarooppatel

    Enjoy your vacy....u r going to a gorgeous it

  • 19w ago kangaimwiti kangaimwiti

    Gerrit gurrl'!!!! And yes I've had like three shots 😩😩😂😂😂

  • 19w ago fashionablyvighas fashionablyvighas

    @sangitadeb74 Sonal has many many videos of her life and how much love is shown in it! Are you watching the same ones we “love and lighters” as I call us are? Also, I don’t think going to India for the sake of her mother’s health and well being is vacation. More like verification and enlightening us with how beautiful India is when she is visiting there from Nairobi.

  • 19w ago fashionablyvighas fashionablyvighas

    @theofficialsonalmaherali this love and lighter ❤️ you!!!

  • 19w ago rosegoldserotonin rosegoldserotonin


  • 19w ago urembo_mwanamke_kujipendezesha urembo_mwanamke_kujipendezesha

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  • 19w ago boysontown boysontown

    Loving it!

  • 18w ago sangitadeb74 sangitadeb74

    @theofficialsonalmaherali yes sonal i know ur channel is all about luxury staff and as u mentioned that u play various roles hopefully many of ur viewer jus like me would like to know how do u manage ur three small kids,household staff and all other reponsibilities yet look so much relax doing shopping enjoying vacation.i wish every women would want to live a life like you.So this was my sole intention for requesting a video of ur life behind screen.

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  • 18w ago aniruddha.aot aniruddha.aot

    Great thanks

  • 1w ago beata_collazo beata_collazo


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