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Psst - I've just posted another bonus Patreon Exclusive Coloring Page - "It's All About the Cats!" We have lineart versions and GRAYSCALE as well, all available for download. If you are already in the coloring tier (5+ level) just visit my Patreon page (or go to Google and type JASMINE PATREON and it'll be the first thing that pops up) - to see her (and all the other coloring pages!) now. "It's All About the Cats" of course is based on my painting of the same name, it was a piece I did as a fundraiser for the Orlando-area cat rescue (also called "It's All About the Cats") from which I adopted my Mama Wolf kitty (the Maine Coon)! Of course - we have grayscale & lineart both, suitable for printing onto whatever paper you like for painting, crayons, colored pencils, markers - whatever, or for coloring in on your iPad or digitally - it's up to you! If you'd like to see what my original piece looked like in color, you can see her on my Strangeling website (link in profile, just search CATS) - of course you can always pick your own colors and make her completely different!

If you are not yet in the coloring tier but enjoy coloring, please consider upgrading (you can upgrade at Patreon ) or joining up (if you're not a Patron yet). You can immediately download all 19 lineart & 19 grayscale pages right now! Also the 5+ tier includes all the behind-the-scenes posts & advance previews, etc., but if you are only in it for the coloring pages you can always quit before next month rolls around if you don't want a monthly charge ;P Again, you get ALL the 38 coloring pages so far as soon as you become a member, and all pages are Patreon Exclusive meaning you can't find them in a coloring book or anywhere else, basically like getting a whole coloring book for $5 that you can download as much as you want!
=) Enjoy!




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