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Okay. Hobby horse time. I am awed at my privilege to live in a country where I can make a post like this without fear of being abused or even killed for having faith in God and calling myself a Christian.
It has BLOWN MY MIND to discover the depth of persecution that SO MANY Christians face every day. Just reading the @opendoorsau World Watch List for 2018 yesterday, I was shocked to be reminded that Christians in many of these countries don’t even have the freedom to pray or have quiet time with God. To think I complain when I don’t get a day off. The fact I even was able to grow up in a family of believers who could freely pass that faith onto the next generation IS MASSIVE.
BUT THIS IS THE COOLEST THING RIGHT. These places where this is happening is where Gods word is spreading the most. At my church we’ve been reading through the book of Acts and just seeing the way the early church spread THROUGH PERSECUTION is IN.SANE. GOD IS INSANE. “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”. THIS IS THE TRUTH THOUGH. I can’t believe I have the privilege of knowing a God who is as unstoppable as this.
nothing. NOTHING. can stop God or separate us from him. No demons. No amount of persecution. Nothing. Hallelujah. .
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