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Let's talk about this cake for a moment. Doesn't it look beautiful on Nana's china? Our plan was to go for ice cream after our porch swing elopement but @jimmy_joe5 had other plans. He asked @andrewworth1 to secretly create something we would both love. Now we've spent a sizable amount of time eating, enjoying, testing, sharing and discussing Andrew's artisan delicacies but for him to create the perfect cake just for us highlights his immense talent. He soaked peaches (for Bethie) in Blanton's (for @6ton) and then roasted those beauties to a juicy caramelized perfection. Those gorgeous peaches were finished with a little crème fraîche for tang. But just when you thought it could not get any more delicious you were rewarded with a contrasting crunchy, salty, buttery bite of almond streusel. Now I'm a sucker for any pastry with that distinctive almond flavor and this one did not disappoint. Let's just say I'm gonna need another cake just like this next July 1st. Bottom line is we have thoughtful friends and we are extremely grateful for them.
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  • 15w ago atbdippallinaik atbdippallinaik

    Loving your pics! xx 👍❤

  • 15w ago barbaraknife barbaraknife

    Lovely china, lovely cake!!

  • 15w ago shirley_s___ shirley_s___

    Cake looks yummy. Great to have a pastry chief for a friend!!! 🌼🌺🌹❤️️

  • 15w ago eelugg eelugg

    Oh wow! I have had some of Andrew's creations! Great! Don't forget Auntie's S silverware.

  • 15w ago bruckborder bruckborder

    @eelugg where you been?

  • 15w ago miminew miminew


  • 14w ago sisilia.z sisilia.z

    lovely 💕

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