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Have you made the “pilgrimage” and visited the @arnoldschwarzeneggermuseum in Thal?
We will be doing a very special give away in collaboration with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum very soon, so it might be a great idea to turn post notifications on. 😎

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  • 6w ago karakitt4 karakitt4

    I was just there today!!

  • 6w ago josef.p.brenner1981 josef.p.brenner1981

    I was 2 years ago!!

  • 6w ago chrisbell83 chrisbell83

    Yes couple of years ago. Loved the experience. Thal is a beautiful village with amazing views too. Will definitely go back and visit both Graz and Thal again 👌

  • 6w ago

    Yes! A very special place to go as an Arnold fan.

  • 6w ago marisnegireva marisnegireva

    @thearnoldfans actually I was there one year ago! it’s amazing place) I can’t leave it;) I left photo with me for my idol @schwarzenegger to a guy on administration table, I wish this guy will give it to Arnie some day

  • 6w ago ironforcefittraining ironforcefittraining

    Someday !

  • 6w ago ironforcefittraining ironforcefittraining

    Someday !

  • 6w ago zarskie zarskie


  • 6w ago stevohughes90 stevohughes90


  • 6w ago stefan.997 stefan.997

    I also was there and would recommend it to everyone! The women on the administration told me, that I’d need approximately half an hour for the tour ... 2 and a half hours later we left the museum 😳😍 and went to the lake where @schwarzenegger did his first pull-ups! It was truly amazing!!! 😍😍😍


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