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    Hello sister. Greetings in the name of Yahusha. I saw a repost of something that you had written about not understanding ourselves in Christ and therefore remaining a prisoner of an old operating system locked in sin nature. I’m trying to get right with my savior but the Bible intimidates me. There’s just so much scripture. Where should one look to find the key verses and chapters in the scripture to pray in order to reclaim our Covenant birthright that you spoke of? I have never received any instruction on how to pray using God’s word as opposed to just my own words. I’m ashamed to say it but really all I know is the our father. But your post seemed to indicate that there are other key scriptures in the Bible which we can speak into being in order to restore ourselves in the Holy Spirit. I’m sorry for reaching out like this unsolicitedly, But could you help me please? If so, I would greatly appreciate it more than you know. I’m just a prodigal son trying to find his way back home.

  • 11w ago thineeyebesingle1 thineeyebesingle1

    May the peace and the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family 🙌🏽💓

  • 10w ago shellsies777 shellsies777

    @thineeyebesingle1 I sent you a dm concerning your questions :)

  • 10w ago thineeyebesingle1 thineeyebesingle1

    @shellsies777 Thank you so very very much. You’ve done one of the greatest thing someone can do for another person and I appreciate it. I will read what you have shared intently. Be blessed and stay safe

  • 10w ago shellsies777 shellsies777

    @thineeyebesingle1 I look forward to more conversations. God bless you and protect you and bless the work of your hands


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