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Happy 4th of July! 🌹🇺🇸❤️


  • 11w ago queenmeekawojo queenmeekawojo

    How’s it going??

  • 11w ago teagan.m.b teagan.m.b

    @queenmeekawojo It went well. I could not place for my solo since only dancer from my group doing Nationals (have to have 10 there Mom says to place) but I got a high gold again for adjudication. Lots & lots of rehearsals since I had won a scholarship so I got to do opening, closing, & 1 more dance. We finally made it home yesterday evening. Only got to go out 1 afternoon for a bit since classes ended early for minis. How did yours go?🌹💖🌟

  • 11w ago queenmeekawojo queenmeekawojo

    @teagan.m.b great job!! You have done so awesome!! Same thing here-one day at water park otherwise all dance! ❤️ we won a lot of firsts in category but overall championship one first and one third. ❤️❤️

  • 11w ago teagan.m.b teagan.m.b

    @queenmeekawojo Congratulations! Awesome job!💖


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