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My wife! The most powerful joy-warrior, she conquers through worship and celebration. The most loyal and faithful friend, fighting for nothing less than the fullness of life of every brother, sister, son and daughter in the kingdom. I love you with fierce and joyful amazement that the lord entrusted you to me and allowed us to journey this life together. I am continually learning from you, your wisdom and authority are profound and uniquely yours, and it won’t surprise me at all when the multitudes sit at your feet to receive revelation and impartation. My love. My fierce one. My joyful lioness. I love you with all of my heart and I celebrate your beautiful life today and always. Happy Birthday dearest one. @cateseithel #birthday #wife #celebration #joywarrior #friend #mothertomany #wisdom


  • 28w ago chloglassborow chloglassborow

    Soooo true xxx

  • 28w ago 1cent_ 1cent_

    Beautiful @matt_levi !! What a treasure @cateseithel is 💕💕

  • 28w ago amy_e_solito14 amy_e_solito14

    Love this. Happy Birthday cousin! I need to see that joyful face soon. Miss u too much

  • 28w ago setup2worship setup2worship

    Hey Matt! Hope we get to see you both at DT in 6 weeks. Please make sure you bring your acoustic and electric guitar to us this time. We haven’t forgotten!!!

  • 28w ago matt_levi matt_levi

    @setup2worship hi!!! We won’t be leading a set this year but might be there on the Saturday. So thankful for your work on my acoustic last year! Game changer!!! Love you guys :)

  • 28w ago setup2worship setup2worship

    @matt_levi if you do get to come... please bring your guitar whether you are playing or not.. love to follow up ..

  • 28w ago matt_levi matt_levi

    @setup2worship thanks so much- that’s really kind :)

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