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Part 1. So I did another brave thing tonight. It’s been a long journey but I’m taking couraggggggeous (ie = bloody painful and scary 😜 but resulting in great freedom) steps to peel off the layers of a toxic environment I was in for a long time.
When you’re in an institution, church, school or workplace and you get used to being told what to think and how to be and to say yes to everything it becomes normal and after a while you don’t really question it.
Well guess what?
This is NOT okay.
And I am here to tell you that YOU my friend, have the most beauuuutiful mind in the world! It has the ability to think its OWN amazing thoughts and wonderful and unique ideas, and you have a stunning heart that’s fullllllll to the brim of dreams (that maybe you haven’t thought of since you were a little kid) so it’s time to focus on them and not be scared any more.
You are precious and special and you have amaaaaazing gifts that no one else has, and people who don’t value these gifts and don’t make you feel valued and loved don’t deserve to be in your world.
Tmrw I’ll post a video that requires even more bravery than the thing I actually did tonight, but as I no longer have to please anyone or seek anyone’s approval or “prove” I am good enough in order to belong and to be accepted, who flipping cares right!?
Not me. 🤠
Sweet dreams friends!! I’m really and truly cheering you on.
It’s time to speak up, speak out and have your beautiful voice HEARD.
Bless your cotton socks :)🧦 Love you heaps and heaps xoxo Nat 🦋🦋🦋 Thanks bella for the pic @colettewerden xx



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