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Saturday.. . Are you going out to have fun 🕺🏼🤟🏼 or just have a stogie and relax?
(Or you could just sit back with everything crossed and hope that T6 will be more than twice the movie T3 ever was 😀)

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  • 15w ago wearetheteds wearetheteds

    Terminator 3 is a piece of shit

  • 15w ago

    Worst Terminator photo you can find.

  • 15w ago multidean98 multidean98

    Get da pump

  • 15w ago thearnoldfans thearnoldfans Relax. Even Arnold didnt take T3 seriously. 🙈🙉🙊

  • 15w ago stejskalovapavlina stejskalovapavlina

    Go to fireworks 😘

  • 15w ago thearnoldfans thearnoldfans

    @wearetheteds Win some, loose some. Can’t all be home runs unfortunately. We’re just hoping that Cameron and Tim Miller can take the franchise to the next level. 👍🏼

  • 15w ago

    @thearnoldfans I love T3. But that scene is the scene where I look at my phone instead.

  • 15w ago wearetheteds wearetheteds

    @thearnoldfans I love arnold since I was a kid and now same, but T3 its a try to T2, I think its a joke for example the scene in the bar, cheap copy of T2, Terminator 2 its a master piece.

  • 15w ago mrphil914 mrphil914

    Everyone in cinema laughed at that moment I sat there fuming thinking my childhood was a joke I can't describe the feeling lol

  • 15w ago ermekdzharikbasov ermekdzharikbasov

    Мне нужна твоя одежда......шторки тоже,как у Элтона Джона.....😂😂😆

  • 15w ago kevinsavannofficial kevinsavannofficial



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