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Playing with curly dock or yellow dock, Rumex crispus, and made some ‘nori’ crisps. Purée the greens with soy sauce and ginger and add sesame seeds and red chili flakes and dehydrate until crisp. #curlydock #rumexcrispus #yellowdockgreens #curlydockgreens #yellowdock #homemadenori


  • 18w ago dubaye dubaye

    Yum! Ever make anything with the seeds? I collected some last year intending to make it into flour.

  • 18w ago chowgirlheidi chowgirlheidi

    Ooooo... I want to try those!

  • 18w ago thatfoodgirl thatfoodgirl

    @dubaye yes you can make things with the seeds too. They would probably be good with this

  • 18w ago ttmansun ttmansun

    So interesting


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