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Mental health is REAL ・・・
Connect with those you love, show support and hold them close. We are all complicated emotional beings. Depression does not discriminate from even your most vivacious loved ones.
Even the seemingly strong ones!! Let’s talk about this and support each other . If there is a stigma about mental health and additions, people are less likely to get help, in fact 50% of suicides didn’t have any “diagnosed” mental health issues, which means that they didn’t seek help about it (not that they weren’t sick) remember, people aren’t in their right minds when they take their own lives, they’re not being selfish or “bad people” they’re sick people, often thinking the world would be happier without them in it to burden others in it, so let’s not add judgment to the list of things people struggling need to worry about too.
Love and understanding is ALWAYS what is needed.
#pleaseread #areyouok #mentalillness #askforhelp 💔💔💔


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