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My little white man and his little white teeth 😭. Also this stroller canopy really brings out his blue peepers! 😭😭😭😭😭😭


  • 10w ago morgiekay morgiekay

    That smile!!!!! 😍😍

  • 10w ago melg19 melg19

    I seriously CAN NOT with this cute little nugget of joy. Y’all make some beautiful babies! 😘

  • 10w ago hellostaci hellostaci

    O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • 10w ago chinstogram chinstogram

    Oh my goodness ❤️💥❤️

  • 10w ago pakesther pakesther


  • 10w ago szcosta szcosta

    Wow!!!!!!!! He looks sooooooo different than just a few weeks ago !!! Too much cuteness & such personality

  • 10w ago lolomreyes lolomreyes

    He’s Precious 😍

  • 10w ago 1newnew 1newnew

    His smile 😍

  • 10w ago elonjohnson elonjohnson

    Mom’s face!!!

  • 10w ago mjbapger3 mjbapger3


  • 10w ago vibewithchelss vibewithchelss

    Blue eyesss?!?

  • 10w ago janeebolden janeebolden

    He is THE CUTEST 😍😍😍

  • 10w ago sandybusta sandybusta

    What a cutie!!!

  • 10w ago tina.marshall1 tina.marshall1

    I love him!!

  • 10w ago khanyam khanyam

    He is all kinds of handsome and adorable and cuddly

  • 10w ago sophienuni sophienuni

    That face!!! So cute.

  • 10w ago maxhazzard maxhazzard

    my brotha ✊🏿

  • 10w ago alexlabat alexlabat

    Grandma Audrey said this made her day!

  • 10w ago peachescmp peachescmp

    He’s so handsome!

  • 10w ago myssmoxie myssmoxie

    @alexlabat I’m so glad❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 10w ago mimilovesmojito mimilovesmojito

    He is too cute!!

  • 10w ago misskia719 misskia719

    Omg adorable

  • 10w ago b_a_morgan b_a_morgan

    If this ain’t the HAPPIEST baby pic EVER❗️😂😂😂. Too damn cute guys. @djkhalil @myssmoxie

  • 10w ago elyseajsantic elyseajsantic

    He looks just like you!

  • 10w ago maddiehoff maddiehoff

    Cutest smile! That smile makes me smile!


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