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Our oceans are in jeopardy. Human activity is taking its toll on marine environments – from environmental pollution and overfishing to the impacts of our over-dependence on livestock farming – human activities are degrading ocean environments and depleting their fragile ecosystems at alarming rates. We must act – before it's too late.
"We need the rest of life on earth. Now, the rest of life on earth needs us." Dr. Sylvia Earle, @mission_blue
πŸ“·: Dead fish along stretch of coast. Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, USA, 2010.

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    Thank you for supporting and protecting our beautiful oceans 😍🐳🌎

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    How can I help?

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    Sad thing

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    @star___boy_007 there are so many ways we can help - big and small! On an individual level we can switch to more plant-based foods, join in community-level activities such as beach cleans, sign petitions urging local and national governments to tighten current laws and legislation around environmental conservation. There's lots of great info online to learn more about these issues and to find out more about the different ways to help. Best of luck! 😊

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    @weanimals.. I will keep this in mind.. Thank you for replying.

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