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Just because no one says to you directly, or often that you’re doing a good job, doesn’t mean you aren’t. With that said I thank those that took the time to speak to me about how I’m doing personally, aside from graffiti, and art in general. I thank you for those moments. All grudges aside. How are you?.... How have you been feeling? Those are the things that matter. Unfortunately we aren’t always in control. But I strongly feel like we can prevent those we care about by simply “LISTENING”. Again. I thank my close friends and brothers that have kept an eye on me. When all you have is yourself to listen to most of the time, you begin to decide things that aren’t always the best of ideas. Freedom is something we are always looking for, and wanting to “FEEL”... man Rest In Peace is what i am trying to say over all. What you perceive people’s lives to be, is definitely more than likely incorrect, especially when you’re not asking them, and only assuming. #soem #soems #anthonybourdain #restinpeace


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