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Sick of this sh*t.


  • 9w ago szcosta szcosta


  • 9w ago thekatosphere thekatosphere

    I am too! 😿 It’s so sad.

  • 9w ago b_a_morgan b_a_morgan

    Crazy! And well said ....

  • 9w ago jenbelike jenbelike


  • 9w ago danaxkirk danaxkirk

    So true...I strongly feel that we have to do better at checking on folks. Everyone is like “call this hotline” or “tell me your depressed” and its so much more than that.

  • 9w ago myssmoxie myssmoxie

    @danaxkirk yes.DO something

  • 9w ago zurielle zurielle

    Agreed. 😔

  • 9w ago zeenakoda zeenakoda

    @danaxkirk it’s all about treating each other more kindly and lovingly in the end


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