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Today, we’re celebrating Barbara Bush’s birthday with our family in Maine, just as we do every June 8th.
Happy Birthday, Ganny! We miss you so much.


  • 22w ago fratilamargareta fratilamargareta

    May she Rest In God’s Peace, our friend Barbara Bush. We love you. I came here in US, from the harshest communist regime of Romania, on 11/23/1981 ( the day when Jeana and Barbara were born) asking political asylum and granted. I left my children in Romania 2&4 yrs old, as the guarantee that I will go back. I didn’t... I just asked Political Asylum here..The Government there, kept them hostages! After almost 4 yrs.. of fight with Romanian Government, while following THE RIGHT WAY all the US Immigration rules & with the help of President Bush 41 and Ms.Barbara, who helped me facilitating to bring them here .. they finally reunited with me here in US. Now, my daughter Ana Maria, is CPA, CFA and VP at Hedge Fund in NYC/Dallas. My Son, Antonio is Dr.Anesthesiologist, practicing in Corpus Christi where I live for 35 yrs. He just had a little girl.. Isla.. just born on JUNE 8th, 2018. I feel is God’s wish to always remember Ms.Barbara’s help for our Family... Now, Isla, my Granddaughter, is keeping alive Ms.Barbara’s memory to our Family! We have her nice note where she is calling my kids “our Family” .. I felt this way all way through the Presidency of both Bush Presidents!when I helped them every step of the way! Going this week as a Delegate to the Republican Convention in SA, I will miss the Presence of all your Family who were instrumental to bring us to serve for 30 yrs the Republican Party in Texas and US. Blessings to all! (361)739-3029

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    I love your family!

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  • 22w ago jean_woodhouse jean_woodhouse

    A beautiful family.

  • 22w ago patti.wiles patti.wiles

    Happy Birthday Barbara!🎂💕

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  • 22w ago peggykressin peggykressin

    What a wonderful picture! Great memory and keepsake for your family.

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  • 22w ago calvin_maxwell_ calvin_maxwell_

    What a beautiful family 😍

  • 21w ago mimithepsychic_of_oc mimithepsychic_of_oc

    God bless your family.

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  • 21w ago dkatiepowellart dkatiepowellart

    Please get your family to stop what is happening to the immagrants
    The story in the @newyorkermag has me beside myself for we are surely a step away from Nazis and this is not Christian 🙏🙏🙏

  • 21w ago haroldmclaskey haroldmclaskey

    Absolutely lovely

  • 20w ago cbcatalino cbcatalino

    @momomcfar spot the Daniel tiger

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  • 20w ago god_davidov god_davidov


  • 20w ago ginbug58 ginbug58

    Laura, you are beloved by SO many. Your post about immigrant children was heard loud and clear, and embraced. If you could, please, also comment about the hatred and call for political harassment and even inciting violence towards opponent political sides, and against children. I remember the pictures of your daughters sticking out their tongues, or enjoying their freedom while attending college. Our decency in this social media world is corrupting young minds. I’m fighting against fear for the future.

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  • 19w ago pirates_202 pirates_202

    درود بر g w b

  • 18w ago eblutec eblutec

    What year was that pic?

  • 18w ago kilgo2point0 kilgo2point0

    You have a wonderful, beautiful family.

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    Follow me plz

  • 17w ago anchetawarren anchetawarren

    Now that’s a Nice family photo

  • 17w ago nickkyyshaarmaa nickkyyshaarmaa

    Guess the Member I once trusted like a Child !

  • 17w ago olgakurtakova1855 olgakurtakova1855

    Can be photos where children sit have George W. Bush on its knees

  • 16w ago andh76 andh76

    👍🏻😍❤️💙🎉🎉🥂🙌🎁🎂🍰 Happy birthday Ganny

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  • 16w ago mikkro6643 mikkro6643

    June 8th is now etched in my memory. Yet, these beautiful family photos are effortlessly burned in my heart. "That's Family!"

  • 15w ago kinka0113 kinka0113

    That toy in Laura’s hand😂

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    @laurawbush ❤️❤️❤️

  • 11w ago andreabietau andreabietau

    Beautiful family 💖

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    Très belle Famille Félicitations. 🎋🎋🎋🎋🍸🍸🍸

  • 5w ago dowsettj dowsettj

    Such a beautiful family! What a lovely example of love and what family is all about

  • 5w ago cindy_mitch cindy_mitch

    What a first class beautiful and amazing family. Thank you for generations of service to our country. May God Bless you all!

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    Such a beautiful family❤️❤️❤️

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